Transforming Opinions into Insights and Insights into Foresight

Afrisight is an international market research company with consumer and B2B panels all over Africa. There is no one who can better advise companies on products except the daily users of the products. International businesses venturing into African countries can learn about the prevailing market conditions and potential of their services or products from locals like you and me. The Afrisight Panels have thousands of panelists in Africa, men and women of all the ages, all over the continent.

As a member of the Afrisight Panel, you regularly receive invitation to take part in surveys. You can answer the surveys when and where it suits you, on your mobile, at home, work or on-the-go.

The surveys are always anonymous and voluntry and takes on average 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

You can be asked your opinion and insight from products & brands, companies, current social issues to health & wellness.

When you complete the survey, you earn points which you can redeem as cash, airtime, data, shopping vouchers, and mobile money.

Most importantly is that, Afrisight is a one-stop-shop. We can support clients’ research needs from survey designing, data collection, analysis to reporting.

Your participation helps local and international companies to make data driven decisions, actualize the potential of Africa and market positioning. So, if you want to take part in a community where your opinion is heard, why wait, join the Afrisight Panel today.

Creating Impact and Making a Difference


Our mission is to provide organisations with reliable information that enables them to make well-founded decisions. We collaborate with clients to achieve the best possible results. Making this possible is you; taking part in our surveys enables you to influence decisions which will affect your daily life

We also believe that a platform like ours needs to keep innovating, staying where we are is not an option. We are constantly trying to do things differently, better, smarter and more efficiently.

Data Protection and Quality


Afrisight sets high standards when it comes to protecting privacy of our members. We guarantee absolute anonymity and treat information with utmost confidentiality.

Afrisight subscribes to the privacy rules, International Code of Conduct on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics drawn up by ESOMAR, a global trade organisation for research firms.

As a member subscribing to the Esomar Code of Conduct, Afrisight comply with strict quality requirements for market and other research, and submit itself to audits by an independent auditing committee. These quality requirements were laid down in the ISO 20252 standard for market research and opinion polls and ISO 26362 for research panels.

Who are the Partners


Afrisight works with both large and small clients, in Africa as well as globally.

From commercial firms to non-profit organisations, from businesses and the media to government institutions and universities, Anyone can find what they need with us. And this variety of clients makes Afrisight a one-stop-shop for all your research needs across Africa