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Making your Voice Heard

When you join the Afrisight online survey panel, we will ask you to provide standard sign-up information about yourself (name, email address, and gender) so that we can understand more about you, your interests and your experience. Being a part of our Afrisight survey opinion panel means accepting our terms and conditions. We’ll also ask you to provide general information like the city you currently reside in, education level etc. This information will help us to qualify you for relevant online paid surveys. This also helps us validate your Account, which is an important step in ensuring the quality of the data.

Getting Informed of New Surveys
Afrisight would like to keep you updated when there is a new survey available for you. Depending on the time and complexity of the survey, you will be informed of the amount to be earned beforehand. You’ll receive invitations to our paid surveys at the email address you give when you sign up.

NB: When a number of respondents needed are reached, the survey will close automatically.

Incentivizing for your time
Your time is valuable, and that’s why Afrisight pays you for every survey you finish. Each time you complete one of our paid surveys, you’ll earn points that you can redeem for cash, airtime, data or gift cards.

Plus, for each paid survey you take you’ll earn an entry into our quarterly cash prize draw. Each quarter, we draw one lucky winner to receive the grand cash prize. The more paid surveys you take, the better the chance you have of winning and the more money you will earn with paid surveys online.

Let your Voice Heard
You have the power to influence DECISION MAKING by businesses, NGOs, and Governments. Hence, taking paid surveys with Afrisight means sharing your opinion and insights about products & brands, current social issues, and health & wellness. Let your voice to be heard and influence the future of products you use daily with our online market research!

About Us

Afrisight is an international market research company with consumer and B2B panels all over Africa. There is no one who can better advise companies on products except the daily users of the products. International businesses venturing into African countries can learn about the prevailing market conditions and potential of their services or products from locals like you and me. The Afrisight Panels have thousands of panelists in Africa, men and women of all the ages, all over the continent. As a member of the Afrisight Panel, you regularly receive invitation to take part in surveys. You can answer the surveys when and where it suits you, on your mobile, at home, work or on-the-go.